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curatenie-generalaThe general cleaning done in the work space of the companies is a large-scale operation which requires time, energy, equipment and a wide range of cleaning products to obtain the desired results.

Piontani Services owns staff qualified in cleaning activities, performant devices, and uses special cleaning solutions depending on the targeted surface. With extensive experience in the field, we offer general cleaning services for the activity areas of the companies: offices, sanitary installations, rooms, kitchens, halls, stairs and so on.

The general cleaning services may include:

  • Cleaning of the windows, internal and external casement and frames;
  • Wiping of doors, sockets, accessible plinths and switches;
  • Cleaning of luminaries and household or office appliances with special substances (for aluminium, steels or chromium);
  • External wiping of the furniture (internal on request);
  • Cleaning, disinfection and hygienisation of kitchens and sanitary installations;
  • Vacuuming, cleaning and hygienisation of the floors which are not covered (tiles, parquet, linoleum);
  • Treatment of the floors which are not covered with professional solutions specific for the surface;
  • Vacuuming and cleaning of the carpets, carpets and chair and sofa upholstery;
  • Cleaning and wiping of the handrails, access lanes, halls and stairs:
  • Collection and disposal of the garbage;
  • Removal of cob webs;
  • Hygienist and odorising of all rooms

General cleaning is a periodic, large-scale activity which should take place at least twice a year. From floor to ceiling, your area will be shiny clean and no corner shall remain untouched.
After such a complex action it is recommended that maintenance cleaning be performed as it includes basic activities to maintain cleanliness on the long term.