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Welcome to www.piontaniservices.ro!

This website (hereinafter referred to as site) is created, administered and owned by S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L., based in Bucharest, Papiu Ilarian Str., no 17, Sector 3, phone no: 0762 189 804, e-mail: office@piontaniservices.ro.

1. User agreement to use the site www.piontaniservices.ro

The terms and conditions of the site establish the rules under which any person can access and/or use the information on www.piontaniservices.ro. Please read carefully!

Accessing the interface of the site and using the services offered by the society S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L. are subject to the Terms and Conditions of use detailed below. By accessing the site of S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L. you, as user, agree with the Conditions specified by the site and the law in force.

In case you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions of use or the current provisions, you are requested to leave the site. As user you are in full knowledge and agree with the operator/administrator of the site amending or improving at any time the interface of the site or the listed services, without previous written notification. The access of the links posted by the partner sites or the use of their services do not come in any way under the jurisdiction of S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L. Our society cannot be held responsible for any possible damages caused by them.

S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L. reserves the right to amend these provisions with no other notification.

2. Access and services presented on the site

S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L guarantees the user’s limited access on this site, for private or professional purpose, for quotes and information on the services of S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L, contracting of S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L services as well as support via e-mail or phone.

If you choose to use the contract forms on this site, you bind yourself to provide your correct name, address and other necessary information.

In case the information provided is not correct and complete, S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L may choose not to answer your request.

3. Copyright and intellectual property on the displayed content regulations

All the images, posted data, graphic interface and graphic elements are the property of S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L. and are protected by the copyright laws in force. The hosted or taken materials whose intellectual owner is mentioned do not come under the jurisdiction of our site. The company logo and the materials communicated on the site are the property of S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L. and copying or reproducing them is strictly forbidden without a previous written agreement.

S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L. requests compliance with the law in force in the field of intellectual property on the grounds of the current copyright laws. In case these rights are infringed or the material posted on the site is used inappropriately, the competent bodies shall be addressed and those who have infringed the rights of intellectual property shall be addressed in court.

4. Conditions of use of the site

S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L. guarantees the permission to use this site in accordance with the following conditions of use:

  • Copying, partial or complete reproduction of the site, download or printing copies of the content, distribution of parts of this site on any kind of media, for both personal and commercial use, without the S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L. administrator’s preliminary written agreement, is forbidden.
  • Damage or any kind of interference with the security elements of the site, with the elements which prevent or restrict the use or copying of the content, or elements which reinforce the limits of use or the content of the site, is forbidden;
  • It is forbidden to send via the enquiries or e-mail, vulgar or discriminatory materials or comments regarding social status, race, ethnic origin, political, religious or sexual convictions, pornographic materials of any kind or related to child abuse or any type of violation of Romanian and international laws;
  • The requests to use/modify the content of the site can be sent at the e-mail address office@piontaniservices.ro;
  • Any attempt to access the personal data of another user or to modify the content of the site www.piontaniservices.ro or to affect the performance of the server that this site operates on, shall be considered an attempt to fraud the site www.piontaniservices.ro and shall trigger criminal investigation on the person or persons who attempted it.

5. Confidentiality policy of the site

Any visitor of the site www.piontaniservices.ro offering personal data and information via this site presents the express and unambiguous agreement with the following:

  • the processing of this personal data and information by www.piontaniservices.ro with a view to:
    • do market surveys;
    • send promotional materials specific to direct marketing operations;
  • the solutioning by www.piontaniservices.ro of the referred requests, questions and complaints (see the Contact page on the site);
  • other activities carried out by www.piontaniservices.ro and permitted by the law, which are not subject of the recipients’ approval.

www.piontaniservices.ro shall keep the confidentiality of this information.

Further use of this site represents your express and unambiguous agreement in accordance with the provisions of Law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

For any uncertainty related to the exercise of your rights with regard to the use of the site and the protection of use, please contact us via the Contact section on the site.

6. Liability

The information on this site is purely advisory and can be modified at any time, without previous notification. Although we make efforts with a view to ensure the quality, accuracy and the actual nature of the materials published on the site, we cannot guarantee its content, expressly or impliedly. It is necessary to contact us and verify if the information is actual.

The present site may contain links or references to other sites considered useful by www.piontaniservices.ro in relation to the content of the site and which are not under its control or guidance. In case of use of these links or references the general conditions of use corresponding to those sites shall be applied.

www.piontaniservices.ro cannot guarantee/control the timeliness/accuracy of the information present on the sites of third parties, referred to on its site.

7. Amendments of terms and conditions

S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L reserves the right to amend at any time and in any way the provisions in the Terms and Conditions section, with no previous notification and with no obligation to complete any formality towards the users.

Any amendment is unconditionally and fully accepted by the users of the site by simply using it, and in the absence of acceptance of any amendment the obligation of the respective user to immediately stop accessing the site and/or use the services of S.C. Piontani Services S.R.L.in any way, is incurred.

8. The applicable law. Litigation.

The rights and obligations of the users of the site mentioned by Terms and Conditions, as well as all the legal effects the Terms and Conditions produce, shall be interpreted and governed in accordance with the Romanian law in force.

Any litigation deriving from or in relation to these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved by amicable settlement. In case this is not possible, the court shall be addressed, with competence referring to the court in the territory of the municipality of Bucharest.

For any questions or uncertainties regarding the Terms and Conditions for the use of the site, as well as the rights of intellectual property and policy of confidentiality, please contact us at the e-mail address office@piontaniservices.ro.

9. The cookies policy

This website uses cookies of its own and of third parties to provide the visitors a much better browsing experience and services adapted to everybody’s needs and interest. The continuation of browsing implies your accept.

Cookies are the data which a website transfers on the hard-disk of a person with the purpose to store it. Cookies are an industrial standard and are used by most sites, including www.piontaniservices.ro, and facilitate the user’s permanent access to a site. This technology enables us to adapt the site to your needs.

You can disable them at any time via the settings of your browser. But please remember that Cookies may be necessary to supply certain facilities of our on line services.