Cleaning after fairs and exhibitions

//Cleaning after fairs and exhibitions
Cleaning after fairs and exhibitions2017-02-05T22:22:26+00:00


Cleaning activities for fairs and exhibitions:

  • Stand cleaning
  • Replacement of garbage bags and collection of the garbage in special storage areas
  • Furniture and electronic device polishing with antistatic solutions
  • Cleaning/disinfection of the sanitary installations and kitchen
  • Treatment with protective solutions of the glass, wooden, aluminium, steel surfaces and so on.
  • Ensure cleaning in the common areas
  • Ensure inside cleaning of the stands, on request
  • Mechanized single-disc cleaning and washing of the floors
  • Dusting of the blinds, sills, handrails and so on.
  • Ensure final cleaning, after the collection of the stands and the participants’ and the exhibitors’ leaving
  • Room airing and deodorizing

The cleaning services are provided by qualified staff and through the use of professional equipment and cleaning products.
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