Office cleaning and maintenance

We ensure full office cleaning services before and after moving and also their maintenance with a frequency which we establish according to your needs (daily, weekly and so on)

General cleaning

General cleaning is a periodic, large-scale activity which should take place at least twice a year and cover all surfaces, including the most remote or the least accessible ones, “from floor to ceiling”.

General cleaning includes the windows cleaning, carpets and floors cleaning through injection-extraction technology, the cleaning of chairs, sofas and armchairs.

Window cleaning

If you have a commercial space or an office building with many high rise windows, we ensure window and facade cleaning services , starting from the washing of the ground or high rise windows to the washing of the glass facades, strained-glass windows and the cleaning, maintenance and preservation of the external components of the buildings (concrete, stone, steel or aluminum facades).

Rug, carpet cleaning, injection-extraction

With the help of the injection/extraction technology used by Piontani Cleaning Services you benefit from thorough cleaning of any type of fabric, bringing back the colours and freshening its texture.

Cleaning of chairs, sofas and armchairs with fabric covers

Chairs and sofas become vulnerable not only to surface stains but also to dirt which can infiltrate deep into the fibers. Even if apparently it is not necessary, periodic and efficient upholstery cleaning contributes at the same time to the maintenance of the aesthetic aspect and hygiene.

We cover a wide range of professional cleaning services for leather and fabric upholstered chairs, armchairs and sofas and plastic accessories.

Medical office cleaning

Cleaning medical offices and other areas where health services are delivered is different from the standard cleaning process of a regular area. The Piontani Cleaning Services staff are trained and experienced in the specific disinfection protocols, in handling and disposing of syringes, bandages and non-sterile products in full safety.

Due to the sterile conditions in which medical offices carry out their activity it is recommended that the professional cleaning services be done daily or at least twice a week in order to be able to guarantee the maintenance of some imposed sanitary standards.

Fair, exhibition, special event cleaning

Exhibitions, commercial fairs, conferences, festive events or private parties, held indoors or outdoors, are just as many occasions when the Piontani Cleaning Services team of dedicated professionals offers integrated cleaning services after a special event.

At the end of any type of event we provide efficient and on time cleaning of the used areas, restoring their previous clean and tidy aspect.

Special surface cleaning (marble cleaning and polishing)

Surfaces made of special materials, such as marble, are frequently stained by iron, bronze, copper, oil and fats, ink or tobacco.

The Piontani Cleaning Services team is specialized in marble cleaning and polishing, applying a protective layer on it and thus removing even possible scratches.

We use non-invasive means to clean delicate surfaces without grating the stains, degreasing or applying bleaching agents or chemicals which can severely damage their integrity.

We comply with the cleaning colour code, according to the EU

In any area, public or private, diseases can easily spread just by simply touching a contaminated surface followed by contact with another surface. Influenza and cold viruses may also be found in the spaces of commercial offices, not only in the public means of transport or in urban crowds. Furthermore, it has been established that people who work in offices touch an average of 30 items a minute (computer keyboard, mouse, pens, pencils, phone keys an so on). This is why surface contamination in an office and its adjacent areas is a real danger.

The use of colour codes for professional cleaning products and tools helps to reduce the possibility of surface contamination by exclusively dedicating them to each area.