Piontani Services supports the community in Valea Plopului

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Piontani Services supports the community in Valea Plopului


ProVita Association was founded with the help of priest Nicolae Tanase, the vicar of the Valea Plopului village. It is situated near Valenii de Munte, and the community in Valea Plopului and Valea Screzii shelters people in difficulty.
Under the protection of an environment where people offer mutual support, homeless people, single mothers and also abandoned or orphan children live together.

Here they have the possibility to integrate and interact with those of their age. Also, they are supervised and guided into their start in life. The children live in the 56 houses in the camp or are hosted in the village, benefiting from the monitoring of the women in the village. In time, the priest has succeeded in changing the villagers’ mentality. Everybody helps and sometimes they receive external help from good-hearted people.

In the camp children receive education, food and shelter. And, most importantly, they learn to be human and to help each other. The younger ones go to school, the older ones go to work, and life takes its natural course: some go to university, others get married and start their own families. The latter are helped with dower or land to have a point they can start from in their new family life.
Some children are alone, others are taken care of by their mothers, but they all learn from a small age to help and share. And the first thing that impressed Ionel Ghita, the general manager of the Piontani Services cleaning firm, was their love.

„They impress me every time with the way they wait for me! When they learn that I am visiting them, they clean their rooms and tidy everything to welcome me”

When he visits the community in Valea Plopului, the Piontani Services team always brings a smile to those waiting for it. Besides love and moral support, the children also need some products necessary for all the little ones.

The Piontani Services team supports priest Tanase’s work and wants to help as much as possible the camp in Valea Plopului.
The employees bring gifts whih are very useful for the little ones’ upbringing: toiletries and cleaning products, wet wipes, nappies, clothes, medicine and milk for the little ones.
And the most important aspect is what their eyes tell: “I am really happy when I see happiness on their faces and I often visit them”, stated Ionel Ghita.
Piontani services urges other companies to take its example! Also, the community in Valea Plopului can benefit from help coming from people with financial possibilities and big hearts.