Piontani Services sponsors young talents

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Piontani Services sponsors young talents

The Piontani Services cleaning firm gets involved in the life of the Romanian community, trying to help as much as possible. Until recently, the social responsibility of the cleaning firm mostly consisted in the financial support for the entire community in Valea Plopului.

But now, Ionel Ghita, the general manager of the Piontani Services company, has decided to support the genuine talents of the country too.
“Social involvement means to us the ability to offer support to those who really need and deserve it”, he says.

The representative of Romania in the final of this world competition in Croatia stands out through ambition, talent and also an outstanding condition which results from exhausting training.

In order to take part in the dance world final of the “European Star Dance Union” competition, Briana must be provided transport, accommodation and meals in a hotel in Croatia, and also the group and individual participation fees.

All these expenses exceed 300 Euros for the 4 competition days, and Briana’s parents have to support financially both her permanent preparation through training and outfits, and the participation costs for all the contests for which the little girl is rehearsing.

On hearing the story of the young ballerina, Ionel Ghita, the general manager of the Piontani Services cleaning firm, was impressed with young Briana’s ambition and talent.

“It is indeed very difficult for the new generation of talented children to stand out in Romania and make their dreams come true. Their parents often make remarkable financial efforts to develop and guide their children’s talent.”.

This is why, Ionel Ghita has decided to sponsor young Briana Stanciu’s participation in the dance world final. Through this involvement, Piontani Services wishes to bring a warning into the Romanian good-hearted people’s attention to avoid waisting the talent of the hopeful.

Daniel Stanciu, Briana’s father, highly appreciates the involvement of the general manager Ionel Ghita, who has practically sponsored the young ballerina’s participation in the final. Briana certainly benefits from the chance to train in peace for the dance competition which offers great joy to the child and her parents.

“I want to thank you for your generosity and the chance that you give to the Romanian talented children. Words cannot express the genuine gratitude that we have for you for this wonderful gesture”.

Outstanding children are permanently trying to distinguish themselves but unfortunately, the system often prevents them from showing their real potential. It must be mentioned that many times there is no budget allotted to support the children’s expenses for the international competitions.

In this case, parents make extraordinary efforts to support as much as possible their children’s activity and really value help from external sources.

“All this was possible due to your involvement in our support for this competition, and this is why I want from all my heart a continuation of this collaboration so that together we can motivate the young talents and make them smile again”, says Mr Daniel Stanciu, Briana’s father.