Cleaning firms promote thorough cleaning

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Cleaning firms promote thorough cleaning

Bucharest – the 2nd of April 2014

1More and more cleaning companies promote the slogan of quality cleaning at the best price. Professional cleaning, high technology equipment, specialized staff, all come to the help of your firm to offer the optimum package of services for the cleaning needs of your offices.

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Which of these slogans should you trust? Did you notice that numerous companies in the cleaning industry have invaded the market with offers which are too good to be true? Are you confused? Here are some arguments which will guide you to choose the cleaning firm which will offer thorough cleaning for the firm that you manage.

Along with the gradual exit from the auspices of the global crisis, more and more entrepreneurs are discovering that it is actually cheaper and more efficient to delegate the responsibility of thorough office cleaning. Contrary to the perception, firms save human, material resources and more time by outsourcing the professional cleaning services to specialized firms.

Office cleaning, after fair and event cleaning or medical office cleaning services are increasingly sought. This is because some players on the market of the cleaning services knew how to attract clients and keep their loyalty.

Advantageous offers help less known cleaning firms to sign contracts which they successfully honor. This is how a cleaning firm succeeds in showing its clients that the right choice of the ancillary services indispensable to the company may represent a real and important benefit in the activity of their business.

You must not assume that you are being bombed with misleading offers coming from the cleaning firms. Actually, fierce competition causes service firms to try to gain your trust by impeccable execution of the entrusted job. It is very important for the cleaning firms to bring you benefits either via supplementary discounts, or the irreproachable quality of the thorough cleaning they provide.

With 4 years of experience in the field, Ionel Ghita, the general manager of the Piontani Services cleaning firm, confirms this hypothesis: “Sloppy cleaning performed by the present staff is likely to entail the termination of the contract. The staff specialized in cleaning must be very well qualified and, moreover, involve with passion and dedication in doing their job”.

The Piontani Services cleaning firm is willing to prove the potential clients the dedication of each employee to reach and even go over the highest standards for the results of the cleaning delivered to the clients.
Thus, the general manager Ionel Ghita supports the previous statements: “Generally, Piontani Services does not keep employees who do not put passion in what they do because in the case of these people there is no quality report in the performed service”.

In the conditions of assiduous competition on the market of cleaning services, firms are trying to persuade with the quality of thorough cleaning meticulously done in every small corner of your offices. By developing a long-term partnership, they will succeed in time to make up for the discounts they offer to the clients through the rollover of the stable revenue.