How small firms differentiate on the cleaning service market

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How small firms differentiate on the cleaning service market

The 28th of February 2014

3The cleaning industry is enjoying a period of increase in demand on the Romanian market and this aspect can determine many entrepreneurs to start a business in the field hoping for quick profit. The services offered by the cleaning firms in Bucharest, such as Piontani Services, are becoming a real necessity for the Romanian businesspeople.

Generally a big firm cannot satisfy immediately an urgent request coming from the client. For this, firms with small areas of up to 1000 square meters must use a small cleaning firm.
-Ionel Ghita – General Manager of Piontani Services

The demand for cleaning services has increased and along with it the competition in the industry. Thus, you should know how to tell the difference between a firm willing to make quick profit from a serious and prompt firm which can support you in a long-term partnership. If you benefit from reliable ancillary services, you can focus exclusively on the success of you business, you can leave cleaning to professionals.

The quality of cleaning, keeping and maintenance services are the most visible for the potential clients and the picture they get on the company. A clean, hygienised work environment determines a professional aspect and can be the key to success in signing a contract.

The fierce competition on the Romanian market leaves you no alternative but to focus on your core business. Thus, an increasingly growing trend is taking shape regarding the office cleaning services designed for legal entities.

Carefully select the criteria of the agreement for a partnership with a serious cleaning firm in Bucharest! Contrary to your expectations, if you choose to outsource the cleaning service for your company, you will be surprised to see that you will be able to get a more competitive offer than if you used your own staff for cleaning.

Quality at the best price is not a myth. Strong competition obliges the cleaning firms in Bucharest to contend in competitive services at competitive prices or by offering extra benefits.

Smaller cleaning firms can offer more attention and confidence to the companies that request their specialized services. They sign long-term partnerships, based on trust and the quality of the services delivered to their clients.

In general, smaller cleaning firms are family businesses and have well established values which they follow in the quality offered to each client. Although it is assumed that a big cleaning firm is also a reliable one, a big firm cannot always satisfy promptly any request.

With the guarantee of the 4-year experience in the field, Ionel Ghita, the general manager of the Piontani Services cleaning firm, confirms this paradox: “Generally, a big firm cannot satisfy immediately the client’s urgent request. For that, firms with small areas of up to a thousand square meters must use a small cleaning firm”.

Having a varied offer for the cleaning services, each company is trying to catch you attention through a wide range of quality services and customized offers depending on your needs. Smaller firms benefit from advantages such as certificates of guarantee for the services delivered, promptness when receiving any request and qualified staff to gain your trust.