The joy in Andrei’s eyes touches your soul!

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The joy in Andrei’s eyes touches your soul!


The Piontany Services cleaning firm believes in a better world! We actively get involved in what social involvement means, we want to bring such a world into the spotlight and support such humanitarian actions.

In comparison with what we know from the modern corporate society, this small area in Prahova proves us how to be better and more altruist.
The Piontani Services team believes that charity covers a multitude of sins! Literally. More than 500 souls live in Valea Plopului and in Valea Screzii with priest Tanase’s incredible effort.

The camp in Valea Plopului was founded more than 20 years ago on priest Tanase’s initiative and more than 500 abandoned or orphan children have lived here since then.

Piontani Services has not remained indifferent to the situation of the children living in the camp in Valea Plopului.

Thus, Ionel Ghita, the General Manager of Piontani Services, reached priest Tanase’s camp and has returned ever since. He was impressed with the priest’s activity and accomplishments:

“It is very difficult to know that so many souls depend on you, that they need your support and guidance!”

One of these souls is Andrei himself, the small child to whom Ionel Ghita, the General Manager of the firm, has become a godfather for the first time. He was impressed by Andrei’s situation and decided to get involved in his financial support, upbringing and education:

„He is a beautiful child who makes me love him more and more day by day. I get involved with love permanently in everything that concerns him and I try to do my best to provide him with all the necessary things”.

Ionel Ghita is certainly one of the good-hearted people who were impressed with the innocent children in priest Tanase’s camp. Those who reach this place receive a life lesson of strength and mutual support. There are not few of those who return to help the community in Valea Plopului living under priest Tanase’s guidance.

The General Manager of the Piontani Services cleaning company has pointed out that one of his greatest fulfillments was the moment he became the spiritual parent of a small child who definitely has the biggest need.
Piontani Services team takes this opportunity to encourage all the companies that have the means to actively get involved to improve the life of the Romanian community.