Clear blue skyPiontani Piontani Services offers its clients professional services for window and facade cleaning.

The cleaning services offered by Piontani Services will turn out to be essential for cleaning both residential and commercial areas with tall windows and facades made of any material or composite.

Window and facade cleaning services:

  • Ground or high rise window washing
  • Residential or commercial glass facade washing
  • Window accessory cleaning (frames, sills, reinforcements, jambs, joinery);
  • Screen, lintel, frame, panel and awning cleaning
  • Glass or strained-glass surface cleaning;
  • Cleaning, maintenance and preservation of the external parts of the buildings (concrete, stone, steel or aluminium facades)

Piontani Services meets your needs with cleaning services for all types of facades, using the same access methods as for window cleaning, and substances specific to the surface.

Choose the Piontani Services cleaning firm for window and facade cleaning and you can benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Piontani Services uses cleaning methods appropriate to any type of surface.
  • For high-rise jobs our professionals use lift platforms and the appropriate means for safe climbing. Thus, no matter how inaccessible they have been up to the present, the glass elements of your facade will be efficiently cleaned.
  • The high rise window and facade cleaning operations are coordinated by a team of well trained and experienced rope access technicians.
  • Our employees aim at high standard results and use degreasing and anti-limescale substances, specially designed to remove dirt on high rise windows and facades.
  • Piontani Services has the necessary technique and knowledge to handle you cleaning needs.


We know how important it is for a successful business to offer your clients an impeccable sight of both the indoor area and the outdoor building through transparent windows and a clean facade. Our cleaning company helps you maintain these areas periodically and thus offer your headquarters a pleasant aspect.

Our cleaning firm guarantees to the clients quality services using specialized equipment, professional cleaning products and qualified staff with experience in the field.