curatare-marmuraMarble is a material which inspires quality and luxury and many companies, especially those in the hotel industry, choose to use marble flooring. But marble cleaning is not an easy task as it has a porous structure which retains dirt. Unless removed correctly and in time, the stains which may appear, carry the risk of not being removed at a later attempt.

Piontani Services offers cleaning services specialized in marble cleaning using quality, PH neutral products, which remove the dirt impregnated in the pores of the marble. Cleaning is provided by using some special equipment which brings back to the marble its shine and bright colour.

Marble is sensitive to acids and inappropriate treatment can result in its dulling. This is why our team is trained in operating these sensitive surfaces so that the risk of deterioration can be excluded.

Marble cleaning services can include:

  • Hovering and washing the floor in depth using state-of-art technology and products specially designed for sensitive surfaces
  • Intensive cleaning with the help of a single-disc and substances for the hardening of natural stone
  • Waxing treatment of the surface, which offers protection and shine. It enhances the resistance of the surface even in conditions of heavy traffic. It does not deteriorate the natural stone by thinning the layer (pickling or polish)

After the cleaning services provided by Piontani Services, your clients will be impressed with the shine and colour of your marble floor.

The services provided by Piontani Services are offered as monthly subscription, designed according to your requests. We guarantee the quality of the services with a certificate of guarantee, valid for 24 hours.